Addressing Changes to the PHPS Program

Over the past several months, there have been many changes to the PHPS Program and there will likely be many more changes to come. The PHPS Alumni Association Executive Committee would like to have a meeting with all Alumni on April 30th to strategize what our advocacy approach to these changes should be. We are looking for your ideas, strategies, and solutions to the challenges we face in illustrating the impact and benefit of the PHPS Program, both to states and to CDC.

Objective: Determine Advocacy Strategy to Support the PHPS Program
Date: Tuesday, April 30th
Time: 4-5 pm EST
Location: Chamblee Campus, Building 106, Conference Room 1C

For those of you who are in the field and cannot attend in person, please use our call-in number to access the meeting:
Phone Number: 1-877-336-1831
Participant Passcode: 1684563

So what’s on your mind? Share your ideas, strategies, and solutions here or email them to!